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Bullying Prevention

Father James B Hay Catholic School is committed to making our school a safe, nurturing, and inclusive environments for all who walk through our doors.

As a Catholic School, we serve as an extension of the Church’s educational ministry, which continues the teaching mission of Jesus Christ. Therefore it is our priority that bullying not be part of our school in any way, shape or form. Should a child become a victim of bullying, they may experience negative effects such as: low self-esteem, poor grades, health problems, depression, and/or suicidal thoughts. Children who witness bullying also suffer in their faith, studies, and action, by feeling: fearful, powerless to act, guilt for not acting, and temptation to participate in the bullying.

We are committed to effectively training our school leaders and teachers on the latest research regarding bullying and effective methods to prevent it and address it. We have pledged to eliminate bullying as best as possible by not only posting and enforcing school wide rules against bullying, but by applying our key instrument: involving parents.

At FJBH, we recognize that parents are the first and primary educators of their children: it is essential that parents, faculty, and school staff keep a current and open channel of communication. We therefore propose to support the parents of our students by:

  • Effectively supervising students’ activities
  • Ensuring that all staff immediately intervenes when bullying occurs
  • Holding meetings with students involved in bullying
  • Holding meetings with parents of involved students
  • Developing individual intervention plans for involved students

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