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Catholic Community Service

The Catholic community service helps our children learn the value and importance of serving the community with opportunities to serve the community and the less-fortunate.  This component will be a part of their religious education grade.

Specific objectives for the community service component include:

  1. Getting students actively involved in service to others less fortunate or in need;
  2. Bringing age-appropriate values and ideals being taught in the classroom to life through various experiences;
  3. Illustrating to students there are people in need in our community, nation, and world;
  4. Further developing within the students the understanding of the dignity of others, regardless of their social status.

Each student will be required to  completes at least three (3) hours of community service per academic year. This three-hour service requirement is composed of one group project and one individual project. The group project is to be coordinated in each classroom with the teacher.   The individual service project is to be coordinated through each family.

Why do we do community service?

The Community Service Program is part of the Religious Education Curriculum, designed to help students develop a Christian social conscience. It is intended as a supplement to the classroom religious education. It is designed to give students a hands-on experience in understanding and responding to the needs of those less fortunate.

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