The Catholic faith is taught to all students at FJBH. Students reach a deeper understanding of the faith through instruction that focuses on each and every student realizing their importance as a child of God. Across the grades students are taught prayers, Bible stories, how to use a Bible, the parts of the Mass, the basic teachings of Jesus as well as the importance of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Mary & the saints in their lives. The students at FJBH attain an appreciation for the history of our faith and an awareness to the foundations of the faith through the examination of our creed.  They will continue to grow as Christian individuals as they examine morality and how to apply it in their everyday lives. Students regularly participate in service projects as they reach out to those less fortunate than themselves to fulfill their obligation to those Jesus speaks when he said: “Whatsoever you do to the least of my people, you do unto me.”

Language Arts

In a typical school day, approximately an hour and a half is devoted to instruction in language arts in each classroom.  Developing a strong literacy foundation is a top priority at FJBH. Students receive a heavy focus on letter knowledge and phonological awareness. Students continue to develop fine motor control to draw and write while exploring the crucial basics of punctuation and decoding. Also, in the lower primary grades, solid fundamentals in the comprehension of short fictional and non-fictional text are established.

In the upper primary grades, students attain the necessary skills to become excellent writers. There is emphasis on grammar structure and paragraph writing in second and third grade, and in fourth and fifth grades students define the elements of plot and demonstrate the ability to write autobiographies and plays.


Students in the primary grades are offered manipulative math programs where children are encouraged to handle and experience number concepts before being expected to perform paper and pencil tasks.


Through close inquiry of life, earth, and physical science, students at FJBH are given the opportunity to view the world in a different light. Across the grade spectrum, students begin to establish core knowledge in science topics as they discover various topics such as the food chain, plant cycle, sources of energy, weather, the solar system, rocks, land forms, and simple machines.

Social Studies

Social Studies at FJBH combines elements of history, geography, economics, and political science. Through a variety of instructional methods, students attain a conscious awareness of themselves as individuals and the community and culture in the world around them. All grades deal with the development of map skills, interpretation of graphs and chart data, and cause /effect. The concentration on note taking, research, and the analysis and synthesis using as much primary source information is the focus in the upper primary grades.

Physical Education

During gym class at FJBH, we focus on working together as a team.  During class activities it is important that classes work together and encourage one another through teamwork and good sportsmanship. Each week one class is rewarded on how well they perform together as a team. As Catholics our focus is to learn that people are different and to respect those differences is important even through physical fitness.