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HSA Parent Teacher Organization

The Father James B. Hay HSA Parent Teacher Organization is an organization of parents of the students of  Father James B. Hay Catholic School.   Together we are accomplishing great things!


We, the volunteers of the FJBH HSA Parent Teacher Organization, seek to enhance the education of our children by:

  • Coordinating communication between FJBH families and the school
  • Raising funds to benefit the school directly
  • Fostering a feeling of community within the area parishes and the school


The FJBH HSA Parent Teacher Organization strives to create an organization that is responsive to the needs of the school through constant attentiveness to change in the educational environment. We seek to be accessible to all FJBH  families and develop strategies to enhance parent participation.


  1. To plan fundraisers to support the school and it’s programs.
  2. Provide direct financial support to the school for the purchase of items that meet identified needs for individual classrooms, the physical environment of the school as a whole, capital purchases that fall outside the school budget or other identified improvements or enhancements.
  3. Play a key role in the recruitment and retention of students.
  4. Identify and sponsor social and enrichment opportunities for students, parents and staff.
  5. To provide an atmosphere where parents and faculty get to know one another as a Catholic community to foster the importance of a Catholic education.
  6. To provide information about the educational and spiritual programs in the school.


All parents & guardians of students are members of the HSA Parent Teacher Organization. The President, Vice President, and Secretary are elected positions. The Volunteer Coordinator is an appointed position and serves with the HSA officers. The HSA officers, along with the principal, hold many informational meetings and social gatherings throughout the year to assist in achieving the objectives.

Active Involvement

The HSA Parent Teacher Organization is ALWAYS looking for parents, grandparents and community members to become more involved! Please contact an HSA Officer if you are interested in volunteering. We need lots of volunteers to make all the fundraisers and special programs a success. Our school has been blessed with the many volunteers that have stepped up to help!


The FJBH fundraisers are to help sustain our Catholic school. A portion of the money earned is a budgeted amount of revenue expected from fundraising activities to meet the annual budget. Any amount earned over and above the budgeted amount falls into “Excess Fundraising Dollars”. This portion can be used for non-budgeted expenses such as new equipment/technology, improvements or modifications that are needed to improve the school’s climate and environment for our students. The fundraising goals are based on the previous year’s performance.

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