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Antonian encourages families to get to know us through the admissions process. One of the best ways to do this is to experience the school environment through a family tour. Most families are able to make a decision about pursuing admission based on these tours.   We encourage you to visit the school to meet our faculty and staff and see our program in action. The best time to visit is on Thursdays between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m.  Please call (575) 437-7821 for an appointment.  Other arrangements can be made if Thursdays are not convenient.

Shadow Days

In some cases, a student may still be undecided after a tour. In that case, you may also arrange a “shadow day,” in which a student may participate in an entire school day in their prospective class.

We are excited when students are eager to come join the FJBH family and wish to spend a day with us. However, because our shadow visit opportunities are limited, it is our hope that shadow visits be reserved only for those families who are uncertain about their decisions and who can then benefit by spending additional time in our school environment. We ask that parents fully discuss this with their children before reserving a shadow visit spot.
Shadow visitors are assigned to follow current students for all or part of the regular school day in order to get a more in-depth feel of the school environment. Only a limited number of visitors are allowed each day. Shadow visits will not be available during the week of Thanksgiving, or on abbreviated schedule (early dismissal) days.
All shadow visits must be pre-arranged with the Principal, Mr. Victor Gonzales.

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