Tuition Policy

Families accept the responsibility of tuition and are financially obligated for the full year’s tuition when your child enrolls at St. Frances Cabrini Catholic School.  Parents will not be able to register their children for the next school year if all financial obligations are not met for the previous year.

Tuition costs are set yearly, usually in May. Due to contractual commitments to our teachers and staff as well as other annual expenses, families are required to satisfy their tuition payment.  Each family is required to register for FACTS Tuition Management for automatic payments.

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Finance Charges on returned checks:

Checks that do not clear are the responsibility of the parents.  Fees will be collected from the parents.  A $25.00 fee will be assessed for any checks made payable to St. Frances Cabrini Catholic School that is returned for insufficient funds.  When replacing a returned check, it must be paid by a money order, bank check, or cash.

Returned Payment Fee on FACTS Payments:

Payments returned to FACTS due to insufficient funds, FACTS will attempt to withdraw payment up to two (2) times on the next available date.  A $30.00 FACTS Returned Payment Fee will be automatically deducted.  If payment is returned to FACTS three (3) times payment must be made in the form of money order or bank check to St. Frances Cabrini Catholic School.  Personal or company checks will not be accepted.


The cost of your child’s education is a full school year expense.  Please note books are purchased, teachers are hired, and classrooms are prepared in anticipation of each student’s full-year enrollment.  As a result, St. Frances Cabrini Catholic School has specific policies and guidelines regarding students who withdraw from the school.

Families who withdraw their student before the end of the school year are financially responsible to pay the tuition up to and including the month of withdrawal.


Withdraw in any month Payments are due through that month
Withdraw in October Payments due from July through October
Withdraw in March Payments due from July through March
Withdraw after April 1st No refunds

Written notification is required and a withdrawal form must be completed at the School Office.  Tuition must be current and up to date before the withdrawal process can begin, which means School records cannot be sent.  Registration fees, Financial Aid and scholarships are not considered tuition payments and will not be refunded in the event of a withdrawal.  There is no tuition refund for students expelled for disciplinary reasons.

Non-Admission due to Tuition Delinquency

If unforeseen financial difficulties arise, families should immediately contact the principal, Mr. Victor Gonzales, to arrange for alternate payments plans if necessary.  St. Frances Cabrini Catholic School strives to work with families; however, we require adequate cash flow to meet financial commitments.  Families who fail to pay tuition according to any agreement that they have made with St. Frances Cabrini Catholic School or who have been unwilling to make alternative arrangements will be notified that their student(s) will not be allowed to attend St. Frances Cabrini Catholic School until payment is current and may be sent to collections.