How To Write Current Education On Resume?

Similarly, Do you put current education on resume?

On your résumé, provide your estimated graduation date. When looking for entry-level positions, it’s best practice for a current student like yourself to mention your estimated graduation date on your CV. Potential employers may see how far along you are in your degree or certificate by looking at your predicted graduation date.

Also, it is asked, How do you list education in progress on a resume?

Here’s how to demonstrate your progress on a resume by include your incomplete college education: List the quantity of credits you’ve earned, as well as the major you pursued, in the format: 1997-2000: completed 90 credits for a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. You should also mention whether you are working on a degree.


The “currently pursuing degree on resume example” is a good way to show that you are currently in school. It also shows that you have the experience necessary to get a job.

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The “educational qualification example” is a good way to show your education on your resume. This can be done by including your major, coursework, and GPA.

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