The Security Education Program Onboard A Ship Is The Overall Responsibility Of What Officer?

Similarly, Which individual role is ultimately responsible for the safety of a Navy unit?

What person(s) is/are ultimately accountable for a Navy unit’s safety? Only the commanding officer is allowed. Within what maximum number of days of assignment are commanding commanders obliged to analyze material linked with a new Sailor’s Enlisted Official Military Personnel Fidel (OMPF) field code 91 entries?

Also, it is asked, What organization within the Navy is responsible for maintaining the United States uniform regulations?

The Chief of Naval Operations is in charge of keeping the Navy Regulations up to date and ensuring that they meet the Department of the Navy’s current demands. Other Department of the Navy instructions may not conflict with, change, or revise any aspect of Navy Regulations.

Secondly, Which of the following personnel are mandatory members of the command Resilience Team?

The Executive Officer (XO), one department head (DH), one department leading chief petty (LCPO) officer, command career counselor, personnel officer, legal officer, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) point of contact (POC), drug and alcohol program advisor (DAPA), command are all required members

Also, Which of the following is a role of the Naval Inspector General quizlet?

The Naval Inspector General’s position entails which of the following? Receives charges of inefficiency, misconduct, impropriety, mismanagement, or legal infractions and investigates or recommends them to the appropriate authorities.

People also ask, What are the responsibilities of a commanding officer?

It is the responsibility of a commanding officer to exhibit himself as a good, dominating moral influence. A commanding officer’s primary responsibility is to provide an example for his subordinates in terms of how a soldier should behave, react, and carry out obligations.

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Who is the direct representative of the Commanding Officer on board a naval vessel?

The deck officer’s position

What command is responsible for shipboard systems and components including weapons systems?

The United States Department of the Navy’s systems commands, abbreviated as SysCom or SYSCOM, are responsible for the design, building, and maintenance of military systems such as ships, aircraft, facilities, and weapons.

What does the command resilience team do?

The Resilience Team of the Command The formation of a CRT helps commanders to have a better understanding of the elements that affect command people. CRTs are intended to provide the commander information and insight into the concerns of command employees so that constructive steps to enhance well-being and resilience may be implemented.

Who is responsible for establishing policy and ensuring FAP?

The position’s responsibilities are described in the enclosure (6). b. NAVPERSCOM (PERS-61) is in charge of setting policy and ensuring that the program fulfills the requirements of the command, Sailors, and family members.

When a member of the chain of command receives an informal report?

When a member of the chain of command gets an informal allegation of discrimination or harassment, he must report it within what time limit to the command climate expert or command managed equal opportunity program manager? You just finished learning 39 terms!

What is the role of the Naval Inspector General?

When ordered, the Naval Inspector General investigates and reports on any problem affecting the Department of the Navy’s discipline or military effectiveness. He is responsible for conducting inspections, investigations, and reporting as directed by the Secretary of the Navy or the Chief of Naval Operations.

When officials or officers board and depart your ship Which of the following honors should be rendered?

—Side honors are given to officers and officials embarking and leaving the ship as part of the formalities associated with an official visit. The honors consist of piping the side and parading the appropriate number of side lads. One of your seafaring responsibilities may include acting as a side boy.

When the commanding officer is absent?

The absence of an official or officer whose personal flag or pennant is flown, a head of staff, or a commanding officer aboard a ship should be signified by the display of an absence indication as provided in current orders from dawn to sunset.

Who is the commander of a ship?


What is a deputy commanding officer?

The deputy commanding officer (DCO) plays a crucial role in the BCT’s command structure. The necessity of the DCO post is vital to brigade performance as the demands put on the brigade and the commander continue to expand in complexity.

What is an executive officer in the military?

An executive officer, or “XO,” is the second-in-command in various military and police forces, reporting to the commanding officer. The XO is usually in charge of managing day-to-day operations, allowing the commander to focus on strategy and preparing the unit’s next move.

What is a lieutenant commander in the Navy?

On many warships and smaller shore facilities, a lieutenant commander is a department officer or the executive officer (second-in-command), or the commanding officer of a smaller ship/installation. In naval aviation squadrons, they are also department officers.

Which officer is typically in charge of deck operations Navy?

the first mate

Which division officer is in charge of the deck department?

The deck department is led by the chief mate. Administrative activities such as job scheduling, quality control, coordination with other departments, and dispute resolution are all part of this role. The Chief Mate also keeps track of supply, overtime, and cost control records, as well as requisitioning and purchasing supplies and equipment.

How do you become a chief petty officer?

What are the steps to become a Chief Petty Officer? The most common path to become a Chief Petty Officer is by promotion from Petty Officer First Class (PO1), however promotion from lower paygrades is possible with adequate leadership and experience. To learn more about becoming a Chief Petty Officer, click here.

What officer normally takes precedence over all other officers in the Navy?

Except for an officer of the naval service acting as Chairman or Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Chief of Naval Operations has priority over all other officers of the naval service while performing responsibilities inside the Department of the Navy.

What individual is the principal assistant to the officer of the deck?

The OOD’s primary assistance is the junior officer of the deck (JOOD). Routine reports to the OOD are usually sent via the JOOD or the JOOW. When assigned, the junior officer of the watch (JOOW) is in training to become an OOD.

Which of the following positions is defined as the Comptroller of the Navy?

The Navy Comptroller is characterized as which of the following positions? The Navy’s Assistant Secretary (Financial Management) Only during which proceeding(s) may extra duties be assigned? Court-Martial or Non-Judicial Punishment What step must be completed before a Sailor is qualified to complete a task?

What are the 4 main departments on a Navy ship?

Navigation, engineering, operations, supplies, and a fifth department are all divided into at least five departments on each ship. The weapons/deck department is the fifth department on most ships.

At what level is the reporting career development board?

level of command

Which of the following personnel are mandatory members of the command Resilience Team?

The Executive Officer (XO), one department head (DH), one department leading chief petty (LCPO) officer, command career counselor, personnel officer, legal officer, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) point of contact (POC), drug and alcohol program advisor (DAPA), command are all required members

What uniform characteristic is used to identify a Fleet Force Command Master Chief?

The specialized mark is replaced with a silver star when a master chief petty officer is designated as the command master chief. The stars will be stitched gold thread if you are appointed to a position as fleet or force master head. Above the eagle, the Master Chief of the Navy wears three gold stars in a line.

What are the key components to a comprehensive approach to prevention activities?

Suicide Prevention Takes a Whole-Body Approach Identify and assist at-risk individuals. Increase the number of people seeking assistance. Ensure that effective mental health and suicide prevention and treatment are available. Encourage safe care transitions and establish organizational ties. Respond to Individuals in Crisis Promptly.

Who is responsible to the 3M manager for the effective operation of the 3M system within the department?

The Work Center Supervisor is in charge of ensuring that the 3M system at the work center runs well.

What are the two components of the family Advocacy Program?

As a result, FAP activities and services contain components for prevention, intervention, and treatment. As a result, the Army’s Installation Management Command (IMCOM) and Medical Command are in charge of executing the initiative (MEDCOM).


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