What is Texas’ Rank in Education?

Texas is known for its excellent public schools, but where does it rank when it comes to education? We take a look at the latest data to find out.

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Texas is widely known for its large size, diverse population, and abundant resources. However, the state has been criticized in recent years for its education system. In 2018, Texas ranked 38th in the nation in terms of education, according to US News & World Report. This is a significant drop from the state’s ranking of 28th in 2010. The decline in Texas’ ranking is due to a number of factors, including underfunding of schools, high rates of child poverty, and large disparities between wealthy and poor schools.

Texas’ Overall Rank

Texas ranks 38th in the nation for education, according to a 2019 WalletHub study. In addition to ranking 38th overall, Texas ranks 43rd in quality of education and 40th in safety.

The study compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across two key dimensions, “Quality of Education” and “Safety.”

Texas ranks poorly in both dimensions when compared to other states. In the “Quality of Education” dimension, Texas ranks 43rd. This dimension is based on three subcategories: (1) high school graduation rate, (2) math and reading test scores, and (3) quality of schools. In the “Safety” dimension, Texas ranks 40th. This dimension is based on two subcategories: (1) violent crime rate and (2) property crime rate.

These rankings show that Texas has room for improvement when it comes to education.

Texas’ Rank in Math

Texas ranks 28th in the nation for math, with an average score of 533.

Texas’ Rank in Reading

Texas is ranked 43rd in the nation for 4th grade reading, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

Texas’ Rank in Science

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, Texas ranks 28th in the nation in science education. This ranking is based on the average score of eighth grade students on the NAEP science exam.


Texas has consistently ranked near the bottom of US states in terms of education. In the most recent National Assessment of Educational Progress, Texas was ranked 38th in reading and 39th in math. These rankings are based on the scores of fourth and eighth grade students.

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