Which Perspective Generally Takes A Positive View Of The Bureaucratization Of Education?

Similarly, Which perspective views education as an instrument of elite domination?

In a nutshell, conflict theorists see schools as a tool of elite dominance (and social reproduction).

Also, it is asked, Which researchers work you did the concept referred to as the teacher expectancy effect?

Which researcher’s study resulted in the notion of the teacher-expectancy effect? Robert Rosenthal is a well-known author. Schoolchildren in the United States are trained not to talk until the instructor summons them, and to restrict their activity according to clocks or bells.

Secondly, Which sociologists analysis of bureaucracies?

The German sociologist Max Weber (1864–1920), who articulated the ideal qualities of bureaucracies and presented an explanation for the historical formation of bureaucratic structures, is the most famous theorist of bureaucracy.

Also, Which of the following is true about secularization?

Which of the following statements on secularization is correct? It’s the process of religion’s influence on other social institutions dwindling.

People also ask, Which sociological perspective has influenced the creation of the feminist perspective the most?

The interactionist paradigm underpins modern feminist thought. Women profited from the growth of industrialisation, according to Friedrich Engels.

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What is tracking quizlet sociology?

tracking. a method of classifying pupils according to their abilities or future intentions. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophesy. When behavior is changed to match pre-existing expectations, this is referred to as a process.

How do teachers expectations affect student performance?

Teachers may differentiate their behavior toward individual students as a result of these expectations, such as setting lower expectations for some students, providing briefer (or no) feedback on student errors—and less positive feedback after correct answers—and allowing students less time to answer questions.

Which of the following is a latent function of the education system in United States?

A school’s latent functions may be divided into three categories: social integration, relationship formation, and adherence to peer standards.

How effective are bureaucracies?

Bureaucracies may aid in the smooth and effective operation of organizations. Large firms may use this to simplify operations and get systems and procedures into order. Processes become less chaotic and management becomes simpler. A division of labor with well defined duties is common in bureaucracies.

What is bureaucratization in sociology quizlet?

bureaucratization. the progression of a group, organization, or social movement becoming more bureaucratic.

What is bureaucracy According to Karl Marx?

The bureaucracy, according to Marx, is a carrier of private interests and a reinforcer of the private spirit in society as a whole. The bureaucracy might claim a monopoly of the public spirit—a monopoly of public resources—by fostering such privatism or particularism throughout society.

What is secularization of education?

Secular education refers to education that is not based on any religious or spiritual belief system. Moral education, for example, should not be founded on religious or spiritual ideals, according to secularization.

What is the theory of secularization?

The secularization idea focuses on the “demand” for religion and predicts that as civilizations progress, religion would wane. Secularization hypothesis, on the other hand, has been heavily criticized during the last two decades.

What are the characteristics of secularization?

Secularisation’s Elements:Decline: Religiosity’s ADVERTISEMENTS: Rationality: Empiricism:Differentiation Process: Different components of social life are distinguished from religion due to empiricism and rationalism. Scientific perspective on the world: Another significant aspect of secularization is religious freedom. Dynamism in society:

What is feminist perspective?

The feminist viewpoint emphasizes social concerns that are often ignored or misinterpreted by existing social theories. It examines women’s experiences of gender oppression and pinpoints the root reasons of such oppression.

What is conflict perspective in sociology?

Conflict Viewpoint: A social science perspective that stresses a social group’s social, political, or material inequalities; challenges the larger socio-political system; or otherwise opposes structural functionalism and ideological conservatism.

What is educational sociology tracking?

tracking: An educational system in which the entire student population is divided into classes based on whether their overall academic achievement is above average, average, or below average, and students only attend academic classes with students who have the same overall academic achievement as them.

What was an effect of tracking sociology quizlet?

By influencing instructors’ perceptions about the academic potentials and talents of students put in each track, tracking might produce self-fulfilling prophesies.

What are charter schools quizlet?

A charter school is a school that is run by a a publicly supported independent school founded by teachers, parents, or community organizations in accordance with the requirements of a charter with a local or national authority.

What expectations should a teacher give to the students?

EXPECTATIONS IN CLASSRespect yourself, the instructor, and others. At all times, put forth your best effort. Every day, be ready for class. When given instructions, follow them. Pay attention, take part in discussions, and ask questions. Maintain a good learning atmosphere. Accept accountability for your actions.

Why do teachers have high expectations for their students?

Students develop self-esteem, confidence, and academic success when instructors set high expectations for them and provide activities that are engaging and interesting (Brophy, 2008; 2010).

Which of the following is a latent function of the educational system?

Which of the following is a function of education that is not readily apparent? lowering unemployment rates by keeping young people out of the workforce

Which of the following is a latent of education?

Going to school, engaging with classmates and adults, and obeying the norms engrained in you without anybody actually intending for it to happen are all examples of latent functions of education.

Which one of these is a latent function of education?

Child care, the formation of peer bonds, and the reduction of unemployment by keeping high school students out of the full-time workforce are all latent functions. Because all of these duties cannot be fully achieved, educational institution problems hurt society.

What is a positive Pygmalion?

The Pygmalion effect occurs when favorable expectations have a beneficial influence on our behavior and performance. Because instructors or bosses often express their expectations to their pupils or workers, the Pygmalion effect is most generally connected with school or job performance.

What is the benefit of using the Pygmalion effect in the workplace?

The Pygmalion effect is a sort of self-fulfilling prophesy (SFP) in which managers’ expectations for subordinate performance are raised, resulting in increased subordinate performance. Managers who are encouraged to demand more from their subordinates accomplish more.

Which of the following is an example of the Pygmalion effect?

Mrs. Dolety, for example, expects Toby, her student, to do well on his tests. The Pygmalion effect is the result of such expectations influencing her conduct. She may spend more time with Toby clarifying a subject.

What are the advantages of a bureaucracy?

What Benefits Does Bureaucracy Have? Within a bureaucracy, creativity grows. There is job security. Favoritism is discouraged. Power is centralized in a bureaucracy. Specialization is encouraged. The best practices are developed. It establishes consistency. It lays the groundwork for scalability.

Are bureaucracies beneficial to economic institutions?

A well-functioning bureaucracy is essential for the delivery of governmental services, which has an influence on industry, agriculture, and human capital productivity.


The “the teacher-expectancy effect reflects the views of which sociological perspective?” is a topic that has been debated by many. Some say that it is the view of Marxist, while others argue that it is the view of functionalist.

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