Which Statement Is True Of Adult Education?

Similarly, What type of education is associated with the traditional adult learner?

Traditional adult learners are used to receiving formal instruction, such as a practical nursing program.

Also, it is asked, Where does the motivation of adult learning come from quizlet?

Internal variables are the primary motivators for the learner. Adult learners are motivated by their own values, ideas, and viewpoints.

Secondly, Which of the following predicts achievement better than ethnicity quizlet?

Which of the following predicts accomplishment better than ethnicity in many cases when the two variables are compared? self-efficacy.

Also, What percentage of US adults indicated that they were less productive at work due to stress quizlet?

Stress made 55 percent of individuals in the United States less productive, according to a nationwide poll.

People also ask, What is adult education PDF?

Adult education is a process in which individuals engage in systematic and planned activities in order to improve their knowledge and learning. Individuals are expected to enhance their knowledge, skills, talents, and aptitude throughout their life.

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Where does the motivation of adults to learn come from?

What makes adults want to learn? There are various things that push us to study as adults. They “stimulate and energy in individuals to be consistently engaged and dedicated to a work, position, or topic, or to make an attempt to achieve a goal,” and they are both internal and external.

What are the common goals for adults engaged in adult learning activities quizlet?

Self-directed learning objectives: To improve adult learners’ capacity to be self-directed in their learning. To promote transformational learning as an important component of self-directed learning. As part of self-directed learning, encourage emancipatory learning and social action.

Is the science of teaching adults?

Pedagogy and andragogy The wordpedagogyimpliesguiding youngsters.” The word “andragogy” was developed to describe the art and science of educating adults.

Which of the following is one of the best predictors of getting an STI quizlet?

Having intercourse with several partners is one of the strongest predictors of obtaining a STI.

Which statement accurately reflects how peers may influence adolescents career choice?

Which statement best describes how teenagers’ employment choices are influenced by their peers? Even if they hail from low-income homes, friends pursuing higher-status occupations follow similar career trajectories.

What has research shown about grandparent child relationships?

What has been discovered via studies regarding grandparent-child relationships? Grandmothers are more in touch with their grandkids than grandfathers. Maria, ten years old, has been subjected to physical abuse throughout her life.

What percentage of their lives do most US adults spend at work?

In 2020, 39 percent of the population worked on any given day, compared to 43 percent in 2019. (See Figure 1.) On days when they worked, employed people worked for nearly the same amount of time in 2019 and 2020—7.7 hours in 2019 and 7.6 hours in 2020.

Which of the following statements are characteristic of the whole language approach?

Which of the following statements best describes a whole-language approach? -Material is presented to children in its entirety, such as tales and poetry. – Other skills and disciplines, such as science and social studies, are interwoven with reading. -Reading skills are linked to listening and writing abilities.

What age group does emerging adulthood occur quizlet?

What exactly does emerging adulthood entail? between the ages of 18 and 25 years of life

What motivates adults to participate in adult education?

Quality of teaching; quality of content; relevance and pragmatism; interactive classrooms and effective management techniques; progressive evaluation and timely feedback; self-directedness; conducive learning environment;.

How can adult education be effective?

Adult Learner Teaching Strategies that Work Maintain the relevance of your lectures. Concentrate on the life experiences of your students. While teaching, tell tales. To minimize cognitive overload, break up information. Provide comments as soon as possible. Make your content aesthetically appealing. Encourage conversation and questions.

How can adults improve learning?

Eight Ways to Inspire Adults to Learn As much as possible, make learning relevant. Make a joke. Make courses as easy to understand as possible. Make your material smaller. Appeal to a variety of learning styles. Make it appealing aesthetically. On both sides, provide input. Fun and games may be used to reinforce learning.

Which of the following is an adult learning principle?

Self-direction, transformation, experience, mentoring, mental orientation, motivation, and willingness to learn are the seven elements of adult learning. Adult learning theories have the potential to improve adult learning in the classroom and on the workplace.

Which term best describes the manner in which adults learn?

At its most basic level, andragogy refers to the techniques and approaches utilized in adult education that are geared toward self-actualization, experience, and problem-solving.

What is the art and science of teaching adults?

Knowles defines andragogy as “the art and science of assisting adults in learning, as opposed to pedagogy, which is the art and science of teaching children” (1980, p. 43). Andragogy is a word with a lengthy history of growth and change.

Which of the following statements best illustrates the process of Recentering in emerging adulthood as defined by Jennifer Tanner?

Which of the following statements best exemplifies Jennifer Tanner’s definition of “recentering” in emerging adulthood? The emotional focus of life is shifted away from the original family and toward a long-term love partner.

Which statement best describes the influence of peers on children’s gender behavior?

Which of the following statements best reflects how peers impact gender behavior? Girls were more likely than boys to play in dyads or triads, while guys interacted in larger groups and sought to achieve a common aim.

Which of the following STIs is caused by a virus rather than bacteria?

Anal intercourse, oral sex, and skin-to-skin contact are all ways they may be transmitted. STIs may be caused by bacteria or viruses. Hepatitis B, herpes, HIV, and the human papillomavirus are examples of STIs caused by viruses (HPV). Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis are bacteria-caused STIs.

What makes me think that my choice of career is affected by my interests?

I believe that your passions influence your profession decision since you will be more driven and effective at work. When a vocation aligns with one’s interests, one is more motivated. Individuals who transform their passions into careers are committed to improving necessary abilities and driven to attain their objectives.

How do my peers influence me in my choice of career?

Influence of peers Friends might make one job route seem more appealing than another. Another job option may seem to be quite unappealing to our peers. We are inspired by the things and jobs that our peers exhibit us since we consider them our closest friends.

How peers influence your career choice?

According to the findings, students are impacted by their peers in a variety of ways while choosing professional selections. Peer counsel, encouragement, and education were the most important predictors. Students, on the other hand, disputed that they sought peer approval for their professional choices.

Which of the following are accurate statements about the influence of attachment in old age?

Which of the following claims concerning the impact of attachment on old age is correct? In older persons, attachment security is connected to everyday competence. Throughout life, avoidant attachment decreases. Older individuals have less anxious attachment than middle-aged adults.

Which of the following is an advantage of having children later in their 30’s )?

Which of the following is a benefit of having children later in life (when you’re in your 30s)? The parents are more likely to be mature. both males and females

How much of your life do you spend sleeping?

one-third of

How much of your life is spent in school?

18 years old By the age of 18, 105,120 waking hours (or 13.36 percent of waking hours) had been spent in school. That means children spend 86.64 percent of their time outside of school, mostly at home.


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